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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Magic ?

today I installed ImageMagick - a great library of unix-style commands and made my first 3D-embossed stuff. I have a long way to go to master these routines with too many options. I might better ask some more help from some expert

To explain what I actually want I had been busy making tons of example files. This time, a lot of hand crafted work

  • searching for a nice picture
    Amsterdam Channals
  • Puzzle Pro having create all the jig-saw pieces
  • Saving all the black&white layers as masks
  • Masking one single piece
  • Cropping it into a small photoshop file
  • Setting bevel-emboss effect and add shadow
  • Rotate the file in steps of 15 degrees
  • Saving as transparant PNG files

I hope that Anthony Thyssen can write me the script that will do this nasty job for me - this is not something easy to do for PhotoShop batch processing

Puzzle Pro has not a very nice way to number the pieces and does mix up the column order - In the next update 3.0 - this will be fixed in favour of the advanced useres. So, nice to hear I'm an advanced user - but puts me up with the next problem. Will need some magic to find out what layer is which puzzle piece, by finding the smallest surrounding bounding box. How? No Idea, but I'll find a way to get this working.


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