Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle

Thursday, May 11, 2006


One way to get money, is to do all the stuff your self - another way is to make sure there will be some money from advertisers. I was thinking abot Google-AdSense which is an easy way to make it work - another way is to look for an advertiser. What is it worth for an advertiser to be on a page tat draws millions of people?

An other question I had is what is it that makes a puzzle a puzzle, when is it good and when not. This put me up with a new problem as the European market is already different drom the USA and even here in Europe there is a difference between the continent and the Isle of Britain. Leave me up to my wn choice I think, or maybe I'll ask them to take a look at my suggestions.

The last thing I wanted to know was the option to cut my puzzle exactly as how the AV-Bros plugin would define it - unfortunatly, 3000 puzzles is not much abd probably have to look for an alternative


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