Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blob-n-Drop first succes

My Blob & Drop thing worked, most people I showed this were saying something like "Cool!" drag this the chewing-cum to the spot (in the right angle)and it will show a nice message. Now imagine this is not chewinggum, but a piece of the puzzle and the drop area is not there, but just a hidden spot, a place surrounded with other puzzlepieces, where just this one is missing.

It took an awfull lot of programming with the Drag-and-Drop Library created by Walter Zorn, which had a lot of nasty twirks in it. What you don't see at this moment is the secretly dragging arround of invissible images. Also, there is some unnatural behaviour in this demo and it wouldn't be me to change that too, first with some fixed things, but will end up in a more dynamic solution

will be back later
Mr. JigSaw